Jay-Z – Corporate Takeover Freestyle

I know we have a lot of teenage wonderlands reading E.M.P.T and since I don’t see anyone else being real with you I will. Without preaching I’ll spread the knowledge through one of Jay-Z’s most incredible pre-Bullshit 3 verses… Like I’ve said before, success and fame are very very complicated things so one should careful lusting things we don’t really understand. For the new Jay-Z fans, this type of writing and expression is one you will rarely find in Jay’s catalogue. Jay truly speaks from the point of view of a king here, one who isn’t blindly basking in his glory which usually leads to self-destruction but rather analyzing it, coming to terms with the realities as he prepares for his next campaigns, enjoy.

Same sword they knight you they gon’ good night you with
Shit that’s only half if they like you
That ain’t even the half what they might do
Dont believe me? ask Michael..
See Martin, see Malcolm
You See Biggie, see Pac, see success and its outcome
See Jesus, see Judas, see Caesar, see Brutus
See success is like suicide
Suicide is a suicide
If you succeed, prepare to be crucified
Media meddles, sue you, you settle
Every step you take, they remind you, you ghetto
So its tough being Bobby Brown
To be Bobby then, you gotta be Bobby now
Now the question is, Is to have had and lost
Better than not having at all?

Everybody wanna be the King then shots ring
You layin on your balcony with holes in your dream
Or you Malcolm X’d out, get distracted by screams
Everybody get your hand off my jeans!
Everybody look at you strange say you changed
Uhh! Like you work that hard to stay the same
Uhh! Game stays the same the name changes
So its best for those to not overdose on being famous
Most kings get driven so insane
That they try to hit the same vein that Kurt Cobain did…

The more successful, the more stressful
The more and more I transform to Gordan Gekko
In the race to a billion got my face to the ceiling
Got my knees on the floor plz Lord forgive him
Has he lost his religion, is the greed gon’ get him?

He’s having heaven on earth, will his wings still fit him?”