Julian Casablanca – 11th Dimension

Julian Casablanca is an incredible writer, this songs lyrics for example are packed with enough gems and insightful quotes to keep one coming back for days. Those of you who know Julian as the song writer/lead singer of The Strokes will immediately notice that this is something very different.

And you hear, what you want to hear
And they take what they want to take
Don’t be sad, won’t ever happen like this anymore
So whens it coming? This life’s new great movement that I can join
The warning here
Your faith has got to be greater than your fear.”

That last line is truth is musical form. I don’t know if it’s like this with most people but I feel like I have some of my best conversations listening to music. You know how break up with someone and then all of a sudden every song on the radio sounds like it’s talking specifically about your situation and emotions at the time? Well, it’s like that for me too, except all the time and the spectrum is far broader then love songs. Anyways, it’s 10 am and I’m just getting home from last night and need to rest. That said, I’ll leave you guys with some more lyrics to chew on and a great song, enjoy.

Drop your guard, you don’t have to be smart all of the time
I got a mind full of blanks
I need to go somewhere new fast
And don’t be shy, oh no, at least deliberately
No one really cares or wanders why anymore
Oh I got music, coming outta my hands and feet and kisses
That is how it once was done
All the dreamers on the run”

Julian Casablanca – 11th Dimension