Tthhee Ppaarrttyy, Vol. 2


Our CMJ event was a complete success and we’d like to thank everyone that came out and partied. Swagger New York was in full effect, Forthebeat was rockin’ it and all the bands absolutely killed it. Unfortunately, I never learned how to half celebrate so every time we have a party I’m completely shut down for at least 24 hours but I’m feeling better no so let’s get back to the music!


You woke up this morning with a feeling in your stomach like you just met the love of your life and you’re not sure if he/she is digging you as much as you’re digging him/her. The only problem is you fell asleep at 9:30 last night watching Friends re-runs, how could you possibly be in love? I know, I know.

But you ain’t in love fool! It’s just October 21st and your body is having that chemical reaction because it remembers today is the day F o r t h e b e a t and Et Musique Pour Tous are throwing our CMJ Party for ABC News Amplified! It’s about as close to falling in love as you can get, trust me, I know. Tonight’s starting line-up includes Phantogram, X-Wife, Electric Tickle Machine, Sleigh Bells and We Have Band so get your ass down to Brooklyn and join the fun.

EMPT will be there in full effect, we’ll be there mostly cold chillin’ but we’re also giving away a special version of the Forthebeat CMJ Mixtape cut and mixed by DJ Nick Low-Beer aka 81 Nuetronz – fresh. We may also have some tricks up our sleeve so come check us out and meet the people that make this website pop. See you there.