Ever Better

Before you read anything, listen to these remixes, the Danger remix is f&*cking amazing.

I have a big meeting and some important decisions to make today regarding this blogs future so I woke up craving something boss minded, badass and stimulating. After going back to 1996 and listening to Jay-Z’s Feelin’ It I satisfied most of my cravings…

Im bout to hit these ni$%@s with some shit that’ll light your life up
If every ni*#@a in your clique is rich your clique is rugged
Nobody would fall cause everyone would be each others crutches
I hope you fools choose to listen I drop jewels bust it
These are the rules I follow in my life you gotta love it
Jiggy jigga lookin gully in the joint
If y’all ni#$@s ain’t talkin ’bout large money what’s the point?”

– Jay-Z – Feelin’ It (1996, Reasonable Doubt)

That settled I went on to do some shopping on the iTunes-France store and found a gem of an album I have to tell you guys about. It’s a compilation CD called Ever Better and it bangs. I was really drawn in by a Danger and Data remix but it’s album only so I purchased the whole thing but I have no regrets, this is worth the money. Here are a few of my favorites, enjoy.

Chromeo – Needy Girl (Lifelike Remix)


TEPR – Minuit Jacuzzi (Data Remix)


Symbol’ne – Love Juice (Danger Remix)