The Rifles – The Great Escape

Waiting for the day you’re not looking for something else…”

That line right there is so good for so many reasons. However, the day I’m not looking for something else will be the day I say goodbye to hollywood so for me that lyric takes on different meaning but I really like this songs concept.

Basically, the song is about keeping life fresh and constantly doing and exploring new things. Sounds basic but that’s usually the case with anything profound. In my opinion, a closed mind is a recipe for disaster because when your so stringent about something it usually means your neglecting a whole range of possibilities and that’s more sad then anything.

Who knows what’s around the bend
Stay up get drunk with all your best friends
Celebrate your side to a new division
Or leave the TV on, make your own decisions”

Anyways, this song is from their second album which was released back in January of this year. I had completely forgotten about it till today when I was revisiting some old post to get ready for our greatest hits series. Great song, great production and great lyrics, enjoy.

The Rifles – The Great Escape