Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Yvonne Fair et Jay-Z

In conjunction with Et Musique Pour Tous, every Saturday I will be posting a song that was produced using a sample, along with the original record.

After using a Yvonne Fair song as the hidden track on Live From New York, I started to listen to her music regularly. When I reached the 0:55 mark of “Let Your Hair Down” I knew I had come across a very familiar measure of music.  Twenty-two years after begin recorded, this bar was looped to create the beat for Jay-Z’s “Where I’m From” off of his second album, In My Lifetime Vol. 1.  The slightly sped-up loop somehow sets the tone for a dark hip hop record, quite the contrast from its funky origin.  Recently, the sample was re-used for the Dirty Money single “Angels Calling” featuring Notorious B.I.G.

Yvonne Fair – Let Your Hair Down

via Kevin Casey Music