EMPT: Greatest Hits 2009, Vol. 2


Round 2: Fight!

I feel bad for anyone who see’s those words and doesn’t immediately hear the Street Fighter voice in their heads, this post would have started off a lot more entertaining for you. So last week we started our greatest hits series which will be one post a week till the end of the year highlighting some of our most loved post. We’ll start off with Lose You, from Peaches’ I Feel Cream. My post on this song inspired a comment by a guy named Richard which is probably the most entertaining and passionate comment I’ve seen on this site to date. Check out the original post here and scroll down to see the comment.

Peaches – Lose You

The next song is a mash-up by Brooklyn’s own Bearbot. The song features the lyrics to Young Folks which is hands down my favorite PBJ song. I wrote a post about it back in September, check it out here.

Bearbot – Me and You (Peter, Bjrn & John vs Cut Copy)

Finally, I’d like to close off this installment of our greatest hits series with one of my favorite songs from 2009, Electric Tickle Machines – Women Are The New Men. I pretty much wrote a book report on this subject so I won’t talk much about it this time around but check out the old post here and listen to a great song about a very relevant topic, enjoy.

Electric Tickle Machine – Women Are The New Men