Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Willie Hutch et UGK

Southern rap is most commonly backed up by colorful synths and 808 drums – but every now and then you may catch a record that contains a sample (…and 808 drums).  Some producers frown upon sampling using straight loops, but when it works it works, and in this case it does.  The beat is constructed using three different 4 bar loops, taken from 0:09, 1:11, and 2:41.

The drums don’t come in until after Andre 3000’s verse, a smart move to make sure you don’t miss a word.  He can say more in a verse than some do on an album.  If you were a fan of “Int’l Players Anthem,” you will surely enjoy rocking out to the Willie Hutch original.

Willie Hutch – I Choose You

UGK – International Players Anthem (Feat Outkast)

via Kevin Casey Music