Sunglasses – Whiplash

You might ask, “KC, where did you find this song?”  I don’t know.  But these breezy beats with a southern twist are pretty addictive, and I’ve listened to this song over and over since first discovering it yesterday.

Sunglasses is the brainchild of 8000 bam bam (Samuel Cooper) & Baby Seal (Brady Keehn), who met at the Savannah College of Art and Design, working on Cooper’s senior thesis film.  In fact, I think these kids are still in school.

According to his MySpace page, 8000 bam bam has a bunch of other projects in the works: Hula Hoop, Grandma Q, Food Coloring and Baby Jazz, in addition to Sunglasses, and he plans on directing the music videos for each, which brings me to this – a psychedelic, belly-dancing journey through the universe, complete with awful spandex, awkward hipster chicks dancing, and primitive green screen production, making for a completely awesome music video that you’ll want to share with your friends, and you, yourself, will keep watching because the pairing of the song and the visuals is just so good.

You might ask, “KC, is this a joke?”  I’m not entirely sure.  I can’t find much written on Sunglasses, other than two blog posts by Dipped in Dollars andTransparent Blog.  But listening to 8000 bam bam’s many projects, this all seems legit, and very promising.  I think as all these musical ventures and ideas are streamlined, we’ll be hearing a lot more about Sunglasses and 8000, as well seeing more colorful bursts of video goodness to keep our ears, eyes and minds stimulated.

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Sunglasses – Whiplash