Mystery Jets – Young Love (The Shoes Remix)

One night of love nothing more nothing less
One night of love to put my head in a mess…”

The funniest thing happened to me last month. I hooked up with a PYT a year ago but somehow didn’t get her phone number, I only knew her first name so I had no way to get in touch and never saw her again. Typically these things would wouldn’t matter but this happened to be a legendary adventure so my below zero heart warmed up to maybe zero at the thought of not being able to relive that again and I regretted not getting her number for a good 30 minutes.

Last month I went to a Gotham Magazine party and what do you know, the same girl is there with a couple of friends… I caught her eye and she recognized me but we both played it cool. My friend Alex and I carried along causing trouble as usual and after a few drinks were in full swing. Alex got caught up in his own mischief so I made my way to the bar and asked the PYT and asked the PYT if I knew her from somewhere, she smiled.  Well one thing led to another and next thing you know were in her loft drinking fooling around…

I push you to the limit when I’m needing the wealth
And all I see is life cycles just repeatin’ itself” – Jay-Z (Can I Live II)

This song is about an amazing one night stand. He hooked up with this girl but didn’t get her name, phone number, Blackberry pin, nothing. It’s a great, great feeling and reminds me of the fun times, enjoy.

Tell me have you seen the girl I met just once before…”

Mystery Jets – Young Love (The Shoes Remix)