Shazam – Luckier

Someone wrote on our wall yesterday:

Pls release an Et Musique Pour Tous Soundtrack?”

Aside from being an amazing idea which I’m definitely going to take into consideration it inspired todays post and possibly one of the songs that will make to that LP. If we had a soundtrack it would be inspired by our jet-setting, beach culture, P.Y.T.’s, our bachelor pads, topsiders, pool parties, palm trees, outdoor seating at restaurants, summer vacations, planes, yachts, helicopters, P.Y.T.’s and NYC nightlife. When I read that wall post the first song that came to mind was Shazam’s Luckier. Shazam, the young producer from Perth, Australia was 17 when he produced this and has been on the fast track ever since. This by far my favorite but his other stuff is pretty solid and makes for great pool side music. For all of you at work right press play on this and make these last hours of the work week a better experience, enjoy.

You gotta puff a J on this one…”

Shazam – Luckier