Noctambule 4.14

By having The Chainsmokers join the Et Musique Pour Tous foundation as their representatives and a symbol of justice and equality, EMPT is able to gain support of the people and are justified to make their night life république a reality. Meanwhile rebel citizens who oppose the music industries commercially driven rule rise in every city and start an underground movement for independence under the name Noctambule. Disguised in the form of parties, the events have caused a disruption in the system by redefining the establishments restrictive definition of taste and entertainment. The year is 2010, the Space Age, the battles between The Industry and the people are intensifying and hurling the era toward drastic change. The third act has just begun, we’ll be busy.

Revolt at 20h30, 4.14

Vague negotiations are useless against an organization that’s use to fighting dirty, our only choice is to fight head on…”

Symbolne – Love Juice (Danger Remix)