Mystery Jets – Half In Love With Elizabeth (Delorean Remix)

Released back in 2006, Half In Love With Elizabeth is a song about a guy whose torn between his relationship and his career. Some people have taken the name Elizabeth and interpreted it as the guy being in love with two girls, but if you watch the video you will see references to Queen Elizabeth who is printed on pound notes – money aka career.

But how can you put your trust
In a man who always sleeps in his clothes?

And he’s half in love with Elizabeth
And he’s half in love with you

The balance of relationship and career is a very complicated one, but also necessary and important. Of course this balance is extremely difficult to achieve so most people usually go from one extreme to another. Instead of success and love coexisting some people develop the depressing mentality the two are mutually exclusive, so it’s no longer success and love but  success or love – the wackness. I don’t believe in limits and strongly believe that anything you want is possible as long as you really believe that it is. We have endless options in a universe made of endless possibilities, if you’ve ever felt like something is making you choose take a moment and look at it from the outside because it’s probably nothing real, enjoy.

Mystery Jets – Half In Love With Elizabeth (Delorean Remix)