Noctambule – Cinco de Mayo

That’s right fool, it’s Cinco de Mayo and you know very well what that P.Y.T. up there means in our language – we’re having a party. The weather is amazing, the RSVPs are through the roof, the margaritas will be flowing soon and the night is set to be epic. If you have’t RSVP’d yet go ahead and do it so you can get the password, it’s going to be a full house and I don’t want anyone to have trouble getting in. On another note, tomorrow I’ll be announcing my new company for which we’ll be having a launch party next week but more on that later.

The Eldridge – 247 Essex (btw Stanton & Houston)

Pretty much the only music I like to listen to on days like this is MJ but we’ve all heard that a million times so I thought why not just post some MJ inspired music. While a million songs will fit that category here are two of my favorites. The first is the Idjut Boys’ remix of Lindstrom & Christabelle’s Baby Can’t Stop. Want MJ without Quiny Jones or MJ, listen to this track. It’s got the horns, the guitars, the pads, the works. Of course you won’t get that big Bruce Sweden sound but the energy and life is there so the vibe will still be right. Second is Drixxxe’s Remix of Data’s One In A Million. The first you’ll notice is the Wanna Be Starting Something in the bass and rhythm section. Some people might see the inspiration as something negative but I love it. Anyways, I have a million things to do to make sure this party rocks correctly so I’ll have to cut it short but stop by The Eldridge and say hi, I’ll be at the table next to the DJ’s, enjoy.

Lindstrom & Christabelle – Baby Cant Stop (Idjut Boys Remix)

Data – One In A Million (Drixxxe Remix)