Jack Penate – So Near (Penguin Prison Remix)

I posted the original to this back in October and forgot about it till I was recently working on a mix for a hotel I’m unfortunately not allowed to disclose yet. Aside from the infections chord progression and first class production, this song has some great lyrics that get me thinking every time I hear it.

I took another step
to find out which way my feet would fall.
The right way must be left
as straight ahead is never good at all.”

I was watching Real Time With Bill Maher yesterday and his first guest was the peoples champ of death, Dr. Kevorkian.

See it’s fear that controls us in this country, in this world. We’re afraid to lose our reputation, we’re afraid to lose our raise… They threaten us ultimately with prison and that scares the hell out of us…”

I didn’t really know much about the famed doctor but man was I impressed with his mental freedom and thought process. It seems like the older I get the less fear I’m starting to have and in a world ruled completely by fear that can sometimes work against you. Many of us are defined by the so called social norms, rules and limitations that serve to suppress our inherit creativity and uniqueness as people. It’s these same limits that create these fluffy fears that are really based on nothing concrete to begin with.

What’s a body when there’s fear of love man, we’re so near?

Being a functional and contributing member of society and being controlled by what’s supposed to make you a good member of society is something that should be carefully observed, questioned and studied. One should never be afraid to take a step for whatever reason and anything or anyone that makes you feel otherwise should also be carefully observed and question. Prison is far from the only place to lose your freedom so keep and eye out for all forms of limitations because they can be right next to you at work, right next to you at home, right under your nose…

Keep you eyes open, werd up. Just watch my back, I got your front…” – Mobb Deep (Shook One’s Part II)

Jack Penate – So Near

Jack Penate – So Near (Penguin Prison Remix)