Marc Ronson – Circuit Breaker

Changing with the times and completely changing the essence of who you are to force yourself into the times are two different things. So many fans get frustrated with artist that sell out to the point that they become completely unrecognizable to the people that connected with them in the first place. There is a certain contemporary rapper who has fooled many people doing this very thing,

I should get buck wild and start saying names…”

Yet some of us aren’t so easily convinced so “for playing me ya’ll shall forever remain nameless…” Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of change and constant movement and I don’t believe in stringent definitions but I’m a bigger fan of being real and what some people do in the name of change is far from it. No one has captured my sentiments on the subject quite like the late great Big L…

So emcees don’t ever step out your range
Remain the same and only change with the times,
Unless you’ll get dropped in a dime, go for yours like I’m going for mine.
If you’re rough stay rough, if you’re dapp stay dapper
But don’t even try to look or sound like another rapper.
Just fulfill your own needs
Some rappers wore gold chains and now they wearing beads?
I don’t understand it! – Big L (1995, Lifestyles of The Poor & Dangerous)

This is the main reason why I was so impressed with Marc Ronsons latest effort Circuit Breaker. In this track Ronson managed to masterfully blend his personal taste and the vintage with the Space Age/8Bit digital revolution of the times. The video is inspired by the classic RPG’s of the early Nintendo days, fresh.

Marc Ronson – Circuit Breaker