Le Paaarrtttyyy

That’s right fool, we’re having another party. The EMPT invasion of New York City continues as we head back to Foundation for another night of beautiful madness. Our parties are usually midweek but we’re opening it up to all the 9 to 5’rs and rocking on a Friday. The DJ is hand picked and the night is ours, so come and enjoy and problem free good time…

Friday, May 21st – 11 PM
Hosted by Et Musique Pour Tous
Set by DJ Pint
137 Essex (between Rivington & Stanton)

I’m posting a little late today because I’m in the city of angels and the time difference/LA lights has me a little on chill side. I tell you man, it’s like time slows down when you get out of Manhattan, I’ve gotten so much done today and it’s only 2 PM! If I was in the city, time would be flying by and I’d feel like nothing was getting done. We really need to reevaluate the New York minute, it may not be very healthy running around like that. Anyways, I’m staying at the Mondrian and the poolside here is ridiculous, the sun just came out so I went down there with my laptop and iTunes shuffled to one of my favorite remixes of one of my favorite Curtis Mayfield songs, Move On Up. This inspirational song has been one of my anthems since I first heard it who knows when. I’ve come to understand that to succeed in the face of adversity one has to create a positive mental environment that can’t be penetrated by anything dark and the feeling this song captures is that environment.

Un-fadable so please don’t try to fade this…” – Snoop Dogg (Nothing But A G Thang)

Life will throw nothing but challenges and negativity your way but if you understand that none of that really matters you can just keep it moving and get to the good stuff a lot faster. Alright, I’ve a million people to meet and plans to make while I’m out there, enjoy.

Angelique Kidjo – Move On Up (Feat. John Legend)