Matt Duncan – Beacon

I got friends in New York City…”

I’ve been on synth-pop overdrive as of late and my usual retreat from that is either some Northern Soul or piano driven song writers like Billy Joel, Elton etc. But this time around I’ve found a new artistby the name of Matt Duncan and his latest single Beacon could be more on point for my life’s current events. I’m in the middle of making a very big decision that would affect this blog, my companies, Et Musique Pour Tous, Noctambule and pretty much everything I have my hands in. I have a great opportunity to leave the big apple for some California love but it would really mean packing up everything, saying goodbye to my friends and hello to Hollywood.

I got friends in LA county…”

I’ve been spending a lot of time in LA and I tell you the normal paced sunshine lifestyle has a lot of advantages over the New York minute. The food is slamming, there are mountains, open skies, beaches and I’ve met some people that have a very good understanding on the future of music. I’ve been in show business my entire life and never far from the spotlight. I have a thing for putting on a show and at this point it’s safe to say that’s not going to change.

You always standing in the spotlight baby we know who you are.”

I’m going back to LA this weekend to check out some neighborhoods and get a feel for the town but until then it’s a million miles and running. It’s interesting to consider such a big move but let’s see which course the future will take, enjoy.

Don’t let the skyline fool you baby, you know what to do…

Matt Duncan – Beacon