Free Energy – Something In Common

Back at the Mondrian and loving every moment of it. I’m about to go check out Silverlake and Echo Park as I consider moving out here so if anyone knows of some other neighborhoods I should check out…

If you Seven Thirty that means you crazy, Hit me on the hip means page me…” – Big L (Ebonics)

I was at a show in Philly last month and it was hot as balls outside so I walked into a store store to buy a t-shirt and there was a song playing in the background that caught my attention. It was Something In Common, the new song my the Philly quartet Free Energy. This mellowed out, worry free song has a bass line that’s as catchy as they come. The song is about two lovers who find out the only thing the have in common is the fact that they want to move on. This seems like a strange thing to embrace but it has greater implications. Many of us focus on the past or what’s going on at the moment when bad things are happening. However, the focus should always be on what you want, not what you don’t want. When he acknowledges that they both want to move on he’s aknowleding that it’s time to move on but it’s for the better, hence the assurance repetitions…

So beginning tonight
Well you can change your mind
You know it’s never too late
You’re gonna be alright, alright

Alright, time to hit the streets of LA and make some decisions, enjoy.

Free Energy – Something In Common