Jay-Z – Addicted to the Game (Unreleased)

I’m supposed to be at my Skidmore 5 year reunion today but instead I’m in the California countryside gathering my thoughts, thinking music and getting ready for my next campaign.

I’m addicted to the game, this shit keeps calling my name, I need to…”

I remember back when The Blueprint came out this track got leaked but it never made the album yet it’s one of the most insightful and person Hov songs you’ll ever hear. In the song Jay tells us about his addiction to music and the hustle in general. When you love something so much and you dedicate so much time to it then it’s only natural something else will be sacrificed in return.

Ya’ll don’t understand me still, I’ll never enjoy my success but my family will…”

I use to look at music as a gift and curse in my life and many times wanted to give it up for the sake of being “normal.” I come from a very humble background and thanks to music I’ve been everywhere, I’m still everywhere and I’ve lived such a privileged and eclectic life that I’ve never been able to really accept it as a gift.

How could you leave me after all I’ve done for you? Who else would implore you? I made you feel royal…”

Recently things have changed though and for the better. At this point there’s no question that this is what I’m supposed to do and the success of this blog is a big part of that so once again I have to thank you guys for making it possible. But no the stakes are higher and the ambition is larger than ever but at the same time more realistic then ever.

Belly full, I can’t shake it, the hunger in my belly has been replaced with other forms of starvation.”

This is side of Jay-Z we only get to hear in rare freestyles and lost and forgotten songs like this which is why a lot of people give Jay-Z such a hard time. I can’t blame them though because having this sort of intellectual power and using dumbing yourself down like he does is pretty much a crime but then agan Jay-Z’s a business man first but I ask,

Is that all you get for your money…” – Billy Joel (Movin’ Out, Anthony’s Song)

Anyways, time to get back to the country, enjoy.

Jay-Z – Addicted To The Game (Unreleased)