Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Billy Stewart et Jay Electronica

I remember walking into Buckwild’s studio one night late last year just to bullshit with the master himself and talk music, and I asked as I always do “Anything been coming out that you’re feeling?”  He asked “You heard that new Jay Electronica?”  I had not – so he put me on.  Just Blaze flipped the sample into something that sounded classic yet brand new, and the lyrics had me stuck on each word.  I hear a lot of new records on a day to day, but there was no doubt that this one stood out.  In an unorthodox release strategy it was put on iTunes in December of ’09 as an EP with clean and explicit versions plus the instrumental.  That instrumental eventually would be rapped on by half the industry, until the point of exhaustion if you ask me.  Nonetheless, the single set a very high standard for Jay Electronica to maintain.  For the New Orleans born rapper with a New York delivery, it will not be an easy feat.

The first part of the Billy Stewart sample that is used is taken from the 1:52 mark, and those 4 bars are then repeated with some type of flanger effect added to the whole intro.  Then the sample from the beginning of the record (0:02) starting with “Cross my heart that I’m…” is brought in, which leads into the drums.  The majority of the beat is then based of that same sample being looped and chopped in a few different ways.  Every 16 bars or so, Just Blaze freaks the Billy Stewart record even more, as he uses smaller chops to construct what we hear at the 1:17 mark of “Exhibit C.”  That extra little part to me, is what takes the beat and the entire record to a different level.

Billy Stewart – Cross My Heart

Jay Electronica – Exhibit C (prod. Just Blaze)

via Kevin Casey Music