Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Dynasty et Camp Lo

Some records are released, gain momentum in the clubs, stay hot for a while, and then fizzle out. Other records have a timeless quality to them and remain relevant for years, maybe even decades. Then there are rare cases like “Luchini” which seem to not only stay hot, but somehow gain popularity in surges more than ten years after coming out.  This record is so hot, you can play it at a trendy lounge in manhattan, a hood club spot in Brooklyn, or a house party in the Bronx.  I can’t necessarily speak for the rest of the world, but basically what I’m saying is in New York City, “Luchini” is Hall of Fame status.  The Bronx duo released their debut album Uptown Saturday Night in 1997, which had other quality joints including “Swing”, the B-Side to “Luchini” (another Bronx Music Factory vinyl purchase of mine).  The album had a very cool jazzy vibe to it, with hard hitting drums courtesy of the homey Ski.

Ski, aka Ski Beats, is most known for his work on Reasonable Doubt, including records such as “Dead Presidents” and “Feelin’ It”.  In my opinion, “Luchini” is his most memorable production to date.  He takes a sped up loop from the intro of “Adventues in the Land of Music” and makes the backdrop for an all-time classic.  Over the loop he lays a rocking kick and snare combo, plus a sporadic sampled bell which hops up and down in pitch to match the key of the beat.  Camp Lo hasn’t hit another record like “Luchini” since it’s release, although they can basically travel around performing that one record still for many years to come.

Dynasty – Adventures in the Land of Music

Camp Lo – Luchini

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