Dragonette – Easy (Fabian Remix)

And we’re back. I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, the whole EMPT crew went up to Long Island and spent the time partying, playing tennis, hanging at the beach and figuring out how we’re going to execute all our plans. I got a few emails and Facebook messages while we were away about Noctambule parties, we’re working on Malibu and Paris with some other cool surprises, stay tuned.

I must say though, it’s nice to be back in the big city, these days I need the city lights more than ever. After all the festivities it’s time to ease back into the fast life, so I needed a song today with an equal amount of calm and energy to get me going. Time is inconsequential and sometimes the right song can make that very apparent, so Fabian’s remix of Dragonette’s Easy was a no brainer. In the song Martina is a girl deeply in love with her man and she’s explaining to him how despite the usual relationship complications she still finds it quite simple and effortless to love him…

Now I’m waiting up for you late at night
Comin’ in from someplace when it’s almost light
‘Cause its easy, hard as it looks

And I’mma stick it out until it’s time to go
Am I getting sick of this? Oh no no
No it’s never hard as it looks…”

I’ve been following Fabian for quite sometime now and this is by far my favorite of his works. The production is subtle enough to enhance the lyrics but still unique and entertaining enough to tastefully divert your attention if need be. Anyways, I’d love to write more but there’s too much to do, enjoy.

Dragonette – Easy (Fabian Remix)