Noctambule @ Le Souk

This is the video for today’s song, it features model Daisy Lowe and it’s a hot girl dancing in front of an HD camera which pretty much speaks for itself but more on that later…

That’s right fools, we’re having another party! Our Yacht party with was a huge success so we’re doing it again. This time it’s in the West Village at Le Souk Harem and we’ll have hookahs all around, belly dancers, fire breathers, booze, dance debauchery and a few other things better left unsaid. We haven’t finalized the DJ lineup and we’re waiting for the official sponsorships to be approved but I’ll have all those details by tomorrow the latest, in the meantime here’s all you need to know.

Noctambule 7.14.2010
Le Souk
510 LaGuardia Pl.
10 PM
Music by Et Musique Pour Tous

TV on the Radio’s David Sitek announced a side project under the name Maximum Balloon and it’s looking to be a good one. The first song from the yet untitled album is called Tiger and it sounds like Chromeo meets Rick James, it’s a celebration bitches. It’s been out for almost a month now so I’m surprised it hasn’t hit full internet hype yet.

I couldn’t think of a better song to fit the mood of this party because this one is quite simply about letting go of the past, all the reservations, the limits and having a good time.

We’re so hung up, like tiny pictures, sentimental…
Remember when we were heading, for the ambush, a confrontation
You let your tiger out!
Let go of everything that you know,
Don’t hold back what you feel…”

This is exactly what we tell club owners when they want to get us to bring Noctambule to their place. We value your experience more than we value anything these club owners offer us so when we interview them we ask all sorts of protective questions and make sure we have total control of every single aspect of the party and if we feel that the owner doesn’t have the right vibe or understand we just walk away. We’ve never cared about making money and our main concern is having a good time, it’s one of the main reasons our parties continue to grow and we hope you enjoy this next one…

Maximum Balloon – Tiger (Feat. Aku)