Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – The Originals et Scarface

Before the South really “came up” and started their domination of the hip-hop charts, Scarface was holding it down for H-Town like a true OG.  There are a few dudes in the industry that command a certain level of respect from their peers that is unanimous, Face being one of them.  My favorite of his albums is his seventh, The Fix, which gave him the most crossover exposure with singles such as “My Block”, “In Between Us” featuring Nas, and “Guess Who’s Back” featuring Hov.  As a southern artist in 2002, only Scarface had the clout to land such heavyweight guest appearances, especially ones from the East Coast.  Jay-Z talks over the 16 bar intro of the record, as the suspense builds leading into his verse.

Guess who’s bizzack?  Still smell the crack in my clothes, don’t make me have to relapse on you hoes…”

As far as the production, it was one of Kanye’s first classics, even getting a shoutout from Jay.  Yeezy uses the first four bars of “Sunrise” by The Originals to create a powerful 16 bar sequence with drums reminiscent of Dr. Dre’s “Xxplosive”.  The first bar of the sample is looped for twelve bars, the third looped for the next three, and then finally the fourth bar is sampled to finish up the sequence, accented by Kanye’s snare/clap eighth notes.  Beans and Scarface sound great on the same record, and Jay spits a memorable verse even for his standards.  As a DJ, the record is a good pick for any party as it seems to gain a positive reaction from club goers and hip hop heads alike.

The Originals – Sunsire

Scarface ft. Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel – Guess Whos Back

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