Washed Out – Belong

A while back I got an email about a guy named Ernest Greene who said he was a bedroom producer with some cool music I should check out. I instantly fell in love so I posted it on EMPT shortly after. It seems like everyone immediately caught on because it became one of the most visited posts on this site, in fact it still is. That bedroom producer was Washed Out. At this point Mr. Greene is a common name for those keeping up with the lo-fi chillwave crew but the influence in his Life of Leisure EP had on that movement was instrumental and worthy of a reminder.

We haven’t heard much from Washed Out in a while but I wanted to post two tracks which may have gotten lost for a lot of people since they weren’t on any of his EP’s. The first track is called Belong and was released on the 9th installment of the Kitsuné Maison Compilation. That compliation is great, if you’re not familiar with it make sure to check it out. Belong is one of my absolute favorite Washed Out tracks and it’s phenomenal. Everything from the track screams style, summer, passion and meaning…

Let me see who you are
Don’t try to hide the world that you belong
Let me see who you are
You’re better off where you started from

I know it’s where you want to go this time
I see you where you are
Don’t fight
You’re about to figure out it’s fine…”

Second is the Washed Out Remix of Small Black’s Despicable Dogs from the Small Black/Washed Out EP.  There’s really not much to say about this, it’s also amazing and the mood it sets couldn’t be more blissful. It’s damn near impossible to listen to this and not feel better. It’s the middle of the week and I know most people are at their jobs which isn’t always the coolest things but press play on these two tracks and fade away into the fantasy. There’s something about this kind of music that makes me crave the coast, it’s so interesting how music can take you somewhere else like that, enjoy.

Washed Out – Belong

Small Black - Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)