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Exclusive Interview: Chairlift

We recently got the chance to chat with Caroline Polachek of Chairlift about the band’s upcoming album in 2011, its inspiration, and some advice to up-and-comings.  Full interview below and a special remix Caroline gave us that Chairlift did for Brooklyn based Telepathe that is awesome:

How is the recording of your new album going?

It’s intense. We’re really excited about the flavor that the new songs all have in common. I can’t quite describe it yet, but they’re more overt yet more mysterious at the same time.

What was behind the decision in choosing London as the location to record?

It’s a secret!

Can you share anything specific about your new album? i.e. title, any song titles, theme, etc.

There’s a song from the point of view of two cannibals in love.

What city has been most inspiring in influencing your next album?

Since we’re on the move and don’t get to stay in one place for very long, “the city” becomes an amalgamation of all the places recently visited. Sort of a dream, where features of different acquaintances get smushed together to be dream-person, that you kinda know and you kind of don’t. So i suppose that feeling of shifting pieces comes through on the record, of transience, of being a ghost passing through.

What’s a small piece of advice you would give to bands starting out that you wish you had?

Learn to record yourselves, and make your own music videos.

Your fashion style is iconic. What do you attribute your inspiration to?

I like the idea of dressing functionally- getting geared up for an imaginary event. Even if it’s just to go to the corner store, i like to dress for where i wish i was going. Sometimes that’s enough to make it happen.

Telepathe – So Fine (Chairlift Remix)

Interview from forthebeat.