Siriusmo – Allthegirls

Yes, that boob up there can only mean one thing in EMPT speak – Kevin Casey and I are putting on a show and spinning another party! This time it’s Saturday night at Foundation on the Lower East Side and it’s going to be a riot. We’ll be at Le Souk tomorrow night but if you want to see the dirty nasty no rules dance madness go down make it on Saturday…

P.S.K. we’re makin’ that green
People always sayin’ €what the hell does that mean?
P for the people who can’t understand
How one homeboy became a man
S for the way they scream and shout
One by one I’m knockin’ you out
K for the way my DJ kuttin’
Other MC’s man they ain’t sayin’ nothin’
Rockin’ on to the brink of dawn
I think Code Money yo time is on” – Schoolly D, What Does It Mean?

I digress but you have to excuse me my mind thinks in lyrical interludes. Now for the topic of this post, the Monkeytown Records golden child Siriusmo. This German producer is one of my favorites and though he tends to go left field every so often his hits unquestionable and something to talk about. I posted Urlaub In Berlin, the extremely funky highlight from his MiniRock LP a while back but had to repost it today because it couldn’t be more fitting for all the running around and energy I’m feeling from the city as of late.  Another down and dirty track back Siriusmo is a track calling all the girls to the dance floor.

All the girls get down…”

As I’ve stated before the EMPT business model is “Make The Girl Dance,” inspired by the French band of the same name and this important announcement fits right in. Unfortunately it’s only Tuesday and this tracks make it feel like Friday but there’s nothing wrong with a little fantasizing to get through the day, enjoy.

All my girls get up…”

Siriusmo – Allthegirls

Siriusmo – Urlaub In Berlin