SomethingALaMode – Little Bit Of Feel Good (Ft. Adam Joseph)

We’ve been bumping some serious electro-house at our events and my mind has been consumed with party music so I wanted it to tone down with something relaxed that still moves. That’s when I went through some of my drafts and found a post I started writing a month ago about the new French outfit SomethingALaMode aka SALM. The self-proclaimed creators of the electro-strings genre are two dudes from France that are brining classical music back to the kids, fresh.

Oh a little bit of feel good goes a long way, I need your touch to get me through my day.”

That’s exactly how I feel about having good music in the background at all times. Life is full of so many little annoyances that serve only to make you lose sight of the fact that enjoying yourself and having a good time is what it’s all about. Some people have a very distorted misconception of life and think bad things are inevitable. Yes, if you think bad things are inevitable that’s exactly what will come to you. If you create the opposite of that then your reality will not involve bad things, so like the picture above says – SHIT NEEDN’T HAPPEN. Yet no matter how you look at the world music seems be the common defense against all that nonsense and there’s a line in this song that I’m going to start using on people whenever people get into a selfish mode of trying to ruin someone else’s day because of their lack of perspective…

Please don’t make my feel good go away.”

Anyways, this song is great. I have a million things to do before tomorrows party so press play on this gem and make it a point to protect your feel good at all cost, enjoy.

SomethingALaMode – Little Bit Of Feel Good (Ft. Adam Joseph)

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