Eli “Paperboy” Reed – Just Like Me

First and foremost, this song is f&*k#ng awesome. Ok now to the post…

From Mayer Hawethoner to Sharon Jones to Space Invadas to Amy Winehouse to Joss Stone to Duffy to Raphael Saadiq to Melanie Fiona to VV Brown to the Noisettes, the love for retro soul get’s stronger by the day and with the genres latest muse it looks like it isn’t going anywhere. He goes by the name Eli “Paperboy” Reed and after two independently released LP’s he’s made his way to the big time and landed a deal with Capital Records. Though he may be from Boston and despite the fact that the Redsox and Celtics suck majorly the boy is no fluke and has a voice that holds up with the best of them.

People like to talk, they say I’m living high. But in my mind I’m barely getting by. So if you really think that I’ve got it all, you know it’s just because you’ll never see my fall.

Just Like Me is a song about a tortured leader who appears to be living the highlife in the eyes of everyone but himself. He can’t show any weakness and has to sacrifice his own emotions to be an inspiration to others. Eli sings this with such conviction that you can’t help but feel his pain and relate. I love music that digs deep and when it’s performed with such authenticity it makes it that much better of an experience.

Nobody knows the pieces that I’m missing, they just keep on, keep on wishing
That they were just like me…”

Anyways, I had a late start today because of the Le Souk party so I can’t get into this as much as I’d like but enjoy this fantastic modern soul, peace.

Eli “Paperboy” Reed – Just Like Me

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