Miami Horror – I Look To You (Feat. Kimbra)

Here I am again in the city
With a fist full of dollars and baby you gotta believe:
I’m back!
Back in the New York groove
I’m back
Back in the New York groove… – Hello (1975, New York Groove)

I just spent an overdue weekend out in South Hampton and who knew what a little fresh air and tennis could do so much for the spirit cause I’m back looking for the game like left something. I needed a song today that fit the fast life and pulse of this Miami Horror sounds custom made for this Monday morning. Not to mention how to the lyrics completely coincide some of the latest paradigms about time and control that we’ve started to understand…

I look to you…
The future we’ve found
To stay here on higher ground
I wanna change the future as I look into your eyes.”

There’s a sort of irony to the concept of being in the moment because if you don’t have a broad perspective and understanding of the future you’ll never truly be able to live in the moment. Having the confidence and understanding that the bright future is ahead eliminates a lot of the BS people deal with. Every single person on this earth is the most impressive and worthy creation in existence. I mean have you ever taken a moment to think about how impressive your make up is? We have super computers and mind blowing technology all over the place but still nothing comes anywhere close to our makeup. That said, all the hate and bitterness is simply not worthy of that wonderful reality. Kevin pointed out a line from Up All Night that pretty much explains it all…

F$&k I look like yo?
I look like yes and you look like no…” – Nicki Minaj

I would not want to look like no. Anyways, if you’re working hard, moving forward and keeping yourself in constant check you lose the ability to worry and can truly indulge in the moment. The past, well that doesn’t even exist so learn your lessons and say goodbye. Whenever you do think of the future you smile at the thought of how something can possibly be better than the most precious gift life gives us – right now. Enjoy.

The future we’ve found
To stay here on higher ground…”

Miami Horror – I Look To You (Feat. Kimbra)