Desire – If I Can’t Hold You

I lay awake all night long…”

This 8 minute long, no frills, understated late night love song is a gem. The song is a collaboration between producer Johnny Jewel (Chromatics) and Canadian singer Megan Louise. The songstress is jaded as she longs for her missing lover when she realizes the inevitable truth that the other side of the bed just won’t be filled.

Yesterday so far away, I think of things we’ll never do. It keeps me up all night long..”

The melancoly in her voice makes picturing this situation, not to mention that everyone’s been to that place of unfulfilled desire, love and lust for someone. There’s nothing quite like a sad song that still makes you want to move. The next time I end up in an after hours spot with a bunch of tipsy friends this will be one of the first tracks to make the rotation. I’ve had a few nights lately where I’ve really enjoyed being up, doing stuff and thinking about the next moves but I haven’t really had the music to support my Noctambule tendencies – problem solved. Alright, gotta go but thanks to everyone that downloaded this months mixtape, it’s only been out for a day and is on it’s way to being our most popular ever! Enjoy…

I lay awake all night long…

Desire – If I Can’t Hold You