Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Incredible Bong Band et Nas

In 2002, Nas found inspiration in his feud with Hova and his own mother’s passing to drop his most personal album to date, God’s Son. The album covers themes such as religion, violence, and his own emotional experiences during that time.  In a period where most artists were going the safe route when picking beats for their albums, Nas went the other way and used non-mainstream hip-hop producers like Alchemist and Salaam Remi. The result was one of Nas’ most revealing work, and was generally well received amongst fans and critics.

Now let’s get it all in perspective, for all yall enjoyment made a song yall could step with.”

“Made You Look” was the first single off of God’s Son and brought forth a very classic hip hop vibe.  The song was produced by one of my personal favorites Salaam Remi, who also did 5 other cuts on the album, and is most recently responsible for the modern-day classic “All I Want Is You”.  In a very interesting video interview that inspired this post, Remi speaks on the making of “Made You Look” and how the Incredible Bong Band’s “Apache” sample he was chopping was intended for…. Ricky Martin, of course.  In a technique he says he picked up from Large Professor, he slowed down the sample to make sure his chops were perfect, and in doing so heard the loop as it is on the Nas record.  I will always remember the day I first heard this bump because it was unlike any other singles coming out at that time.  It was a risk, it was a statement, and it worked. (K.Casey/P.Walsh)

Incredible Bongo Band – Apache

Nas- Made You Look

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