Holy Ghost! – Static On The Wire (RAC Remix)

I hear your voice in fragments darling…”

I think this pretty much settles it, André Allen Anjos’s the Portuguese producer also known RAC (Remix Artist Collective) is officially my favorite remixer of 2010. I was reading about famous producer Mutt Lange who despite his extremely successful career might not exactly ring bells for you. Mr. Lange was a producer who was all about taking his ego out the work and bringing the best out of the artist. Would you believe me if I told you the same guy that produced the Backstreet Boys was also responsible for AC/DC? How about Def Leppard, Shania Twain, Bryan Adams and Billy Ocean – believe it or not they were all produced by Mutt Lange. That type of versatility is amazing in my eyes so when I see RAC remixing so many different artist and styles I can’t help but think of what this guy is going to be like in the future.

As I was thinking about this I went and did some research of Anjos only to find that he shared my exact thoughts on the subject. This remix is amazing, enjoy…

One of the main reasons I started RAC was out of frustration with the current remix scene. I was just plain bored with the lack of variety at the time. Things have definitely come along just in the past year or so with more and more bands remixing each others songs. I strive to create remixes for music lovers who want to hear the song re-invented, not just re-interpreted and chopped up. I hope people experience the original songs in a different way that not only complements the original, but takes them somewhere else.

The idea behind RAC Vol 1 was simply to celebrate that idea by compiling songs that we felt should flow together, and just like most DJs create an in-depth organic mixtape of sorts without the need to stick to particular genre. I love all of the bands included and it’s probably the only “mix” on which you’d hear both Robbers On High Street and Chromeo. One of the main criteria when choosing the bands was the variety intended, but above all, the quality of the original songs. Many artists have remix albums that are simply collections of past work, but this one was built up from the start for this purpose.”
-André Allen Anjos (above photo by Jon Duenas)

Holy Ghost! – Static On The Wire (RAC Remix)