Upstation – Take Me Out

So I’ve been dealing with a lot of nonsense lately, people trying to take credit for my work, trying to destroy themselves and take me with them.

Haters wanna beat me to the ground, ni%#@ how that sound my shit is better than it sounds…” – G.O.V.

I got caught up in the nonsense but long story short, life is short and then you’re on life support so I’m moving on and making the most of time on earth…

Another hero – another mindless crime.
Behind the curtain, in the pantomime.
Hold the line!
Does anybody want to take it anymore?

The Show must go on!” – Queen

So it’s back to the music and I couldn’t think of a better celebration song than Upstations Take Me Out. Fashioned by producer Leo Vasilets, the Moscow based group is a throwback to the amazing song writing of the 70’s and synth invasion of the 80’s and they do it quite well. Without getting to deep into the nerdy world of music production, today’s music is so quantized and perfect that it’s refreshing to hear a producer make the conscious decision to not correct every single mistake that makes a musician human. Don’t get me wrong, a style is a style and no style is really better than the other but there’s a sense of rebellion in the way these guys make music and I like it. Anyways, this is a great song to get you going in the AM, enjoy.

Upstation – Take Me Out