Web Excellency Award 2010

Let’s face it, I’d never heard of Theatre Seat stores’ web excellency awards before they sent me an email announcing that EMPT had received one. Nevertheless, it’s awesome to get the recognition and I wanted to thank all the EMPT readers who keep coming back and making this thing pop. From hosting companies holding the site hostage to evil partners trying to take credit for our work, we’ve faced much adversity to keep this site up and running but we’re still here and you guys make that possible. Anyways, thanks to Theatre Seat Store for the love and thanks to guys for spreading the word…
The team has once again composed a list of the best blogs in music, this time focussing on the heavily-stamped ground of music reviews. We provide the unique sites below in one simple location for your review and enjoyment, while at the same time using the opportunity to award each for their fine writing skills and services to the sprawling world of music and, of course, the dear reader.  The amount of music review blogs out there is staggering to say the least – from professional publications to personal journals, we focussed not on the size of the operation (or indeed the subsequent output) when choosing our award winners but on the sheer quality of content on offer. This will be manifestly apparent to anyone who takes the time to read them, so without further ado…”
Bill Conti – Going The Distance Awards 2010