Chromeo – Hot Mess

I was asked not to post tracks from Business Casual back in August so I added the album to my forbidden playlist but now that the album is out I think it’s fair game right? Anyways, had I not been told hold back the first track on my list was Hot Mess, another classic Chromeo to girl conversation jam.

I know my temper’s been kinda crazy
I need somebody. What? I need someone
Your love is real but I just feel suffocated
I feel so lonely. What? I feel so numb

There’s something very personal about these lyrics. You know how you can have a conversation with a friend who knows you really well without saying much? You can say two or three words and completely understand and anyone around you is like wtf are these people talking about. Well, there are some serious blanks in these lyrics which lead me to believe Dave is talking to someone very specific here, gotta love it.

At this point Chromeo has mastered the Quincy Jones influenced production style but what’s great about the new album is the modern elements they’re adding. I’ve got a few other good ones coming up from the album so stay tuned but this one should help you get through this gloomy city day, enjoy.

Chromeo – Hot Mess