Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Dawn Penn / Scram Jones

About six years ago while home on Christmas break from college in Canada, I picked up the “No, No, No (Remix)” twelve inch from Music Factory.  Reading the credits I learned that the beat was made by Scram Jones, who in the following years would become one of my favorite producers in the game. Present day, I now work closely with Scram, and was able to chop it up with him about how this record came about, perfect content for a Sample Saturday.  From that conversation, I learned the following things…

In 2004 Scram was mixing his album in Soho Studios, formerly owned by DJ Stretch Armstrong. Working in the next room, was Harlem battle rapper Jae Millz, a fairly unknown artist at the time.  Millz got a hold of one of Scram’s beat CDs, and within a day had recorded two records.  The first was called “Born & Raised” which featured another unknown Harlem rapper named Vado, who has recently achieved huge success as a part of Cam’ron’s UN crew.  The next was the Dawn Penn sampled “No, No, No” which Scram heard on the radio within a day of meeting Jae Millz in Soho Studios.  Both these records got airplay on Hot97, being both rappers first time on the radio.  “No, No, No” gained so much momentum and popularity that a remix was soon after released featuring industry heavyweights Killa Cam and T.I. All the hype helped Jae Millz ink a record deal with Warner Bros., even shooting a video for the song in Jamaica. Since Millz’s Warner release never came to fruition the song was then put out on Scram’s fully self-produced project, Loose Cannons, pressed to vinyl, and put in stores… where I picked it up.

Dawn Penn – You Don’t Love Me

Jae Millz ft. Cam’ron & T.I. (prod. Scram Jones)