Zdar – How Do U See Me Now

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I’ve been on a 24/7 grind putting together music for a couple of restaurants in the city. On top of that I’ve been dealing with an mischievous business parter whose acting like a bitter ex-girlfriend and trying to take credit for all my work…

Now what I look like? Givin a chick half my trap
Like she wrote half my raps, yeah I’m havin that… – Jay-Z (Who You Wit)

Word of advice to all the entrepreneurs out there, do your due diligence and after you’re done, do some more. You don’t want to find out who someone really is at the cost of your business. Fortunately, this guy exposed himself early in the game but man what a headache it’s been. I’ve been slowly recovering but I’m feeling like Jerry Jones and his ’92 Superbowl XXX team, winning in a mother trucking circus. Anyways, today is no different and I have a zillion things to do but I wanted to post something good to get things going again…

Twenty years I’ve been thru aimin’ not to loose north
More than once came to you always runnin’ a bit short
Not even once I came back
Free of wondering about,
How do you see me now…”

How Do U See Me Now is one of the best feeling, most groovin’ songs I’ve heard in a long time. Philippe Cerboneschi aka Phillipe Zdar is one half of the esteemed production team Cassius, known for their phenomenal remixed and impressive although scarce originals. He worked on Phoenix’s Woflgang Amedeus Phoenix which in terms of production is about as good as it gets and he’s currently working on The Raptures upcoming release as well. This guys the man and the song speaks for itself, enjoy.

Zdar – How Do U See Me Now