I Blame Coco – Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Coco Summer is 20 years old but sounds like a veteran singer with 5 albums under her belt. She also happens to be Stings daughter and her sound is heavily crafted by a bunch of Swedish legends responsible for some of our most beloved artists. Her lead single called Ceasar not only features Robyn but has already been remixed by Diplo and Miike Snow…

Where do we go from here? Least you could have done was give me a warning. – Drake

But this is no typical celebrity daughter hype, the music is pretty damn good and you can bet your best buck it will everywhere in the next couple of months, no warnings necessary. Her album is extremely consistant, I’ve had it on repeat for the last hour and never had the erge to change or fast forward anything. Again, her voice is very mature sounding and complements the production perfectly. There’s no question that her fathers music is an influence but you get the feelings she’s been doing this for a while and she finally found her sound which is very difficult to do at such young age. I’m posting a bunch of songs because these songs are best heard in sequence so press play on this one and let it rock, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy.

I Blame Coco – Only Love Can Break Your Heart

I Blame Coco – Selfmachine

I Blame Coco – Quicker

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