Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Novembre

And were back… Thanks to everyone that came out on Friday, Noctambule was a blast and it was awesome meeting more of the loyal EMPT’ers. DJ’ing and conversing don’t really go together so if you we’re trying to talk to me at the party and I turned away to get ready for the next song hit me up at and we’ll pick up the convo. The next Noctambule may not be in NYC but if it is we’re going to be making some changes to the party to step it up a few notches so stay tuned…

Once again back is the incredible” – Public Enemy

If you don’t know by now, LMDM is satisfaction guaranteed. There’s no forumla to it and pretty much the only thing you can expect is that in one way or another it’s going to be amazing. I literally have to pause the tape to be able to write because I get so lost in Steph’s world whenever it’s playing. I don’t have anything else to say, this shit is amazing and I’m going to go listen to it for the rest of the day. Here are some words from the grandmaster herself, enjoy.

One of Radio Dept’s singles from their latest album is stuck in my head these past few weeks and a good one for November I think: Never follow suit.. This month’s Le Miel du Mois is made up of a lot of new artists that I’ve been discovering. One of my new favorites is Cloudy Busey, which I found when Altered Zones wrote about them a few weeks ago. Cloudy Busey is the solo project of one of the members from Japans’ Ice Cream Social, an artist you should be sure to check out if you haven’t already. Other new bands to look into from this month’s mix are UK’s Porcelain Raft, Brooklyn’s Quiet Lights, New Jersey’s Slow Animal and Savannah’s Baby Jazz and one of the best debut EP’s I’ve heard this year- Wise Blood. (Purchase the 5 track EP for $5 here:”

We will never follow suit
We will never follow suit
We will always stay off route.”

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Cloudy Busey – Pound Your Town to Hell
  2. Pretty Lights – So Much In The Dark
  3. Slow Animal – Sitting Here
  4. Quiet Lights – Ablaze
  5. Gold Panda – Marriage
  6. Cults – Go Outside
  7. Starfucker – Julius
  8. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.  – Vocal Cords
  9. Blackbird Blackbird – Letting Go
  10. Porcelain Raft – Tip of your Tongue
  11. Diamond Rings – Something Else
  12. Teams – Roxanne
  13. Baby Jazz- Billy Ocean

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