Munk – Violent Love (The Twelves Remix)

It’s been a while since the Twelves dropped a remix and it was starting to be a problem. Well, the wait is over and the boys are back with a remix of Munks Violent Love and it’s well worth the anticipation. I have to say though, the original version of Violent Love is already pretty damn good but being the talented producer they are The Twelves made the dance floor translations. If you’re a DJ, musician, artists of any kind and you’re loved one hates how much time you spend trying to hone your craft watch the video…

You may not know the name Munk but if you’re into the party scene you’ve definitely heard him. His dark and sexy dance single La Musica is a DJ favorite and is in heavy rotation internationally. I’ve got a lot of deadlines to meet today so I’m gonna cut this one short but a new Twelves song? I can’t think of a better way to get ready for the weekend, enjoy.

Munk – Violent Love (The Twelves Remix)

Munk – Violent Love


Munk – La Musica

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