Mark Ronson – Somebody To Love Me (Holy Ghost Remix)

This is the next single from Record Collection. Seriously though, Mark Ronson, Boy George, 
Miike Snow
and Holy Ghost? Come on man! Boy George’s vocal performance take this track to another planet. Marc Ronson smashed the original and Holy Ghost is going to bring it to dance floor. I don’t know about you but I crave lyrics that get my mind going like an addict and this song has no shortage of those…

We are wicked men,
Looking for our buckles to loosen,
By the count of ten,
I wanna see somebody human,
And I lost what it was, in the teenage dust of a downtown Romeo,
In a couple of weeks, you can tell all the freaks, how you carried my body home

But tonight, I crossed the line,
Dear Mr Lonely, how much do they know me?
I could find lessons in life,
But, once you’ve earned it, you’ve already burned it

Alright I’m outta here, I’m going to start putting things out a lot faster so there’s more music and one main post a day. Too good, enjoy.

Catch up ni&$@s!
Damn you fading ’em HOV, how you gave ’em that? – Jay-Z (Show You How)

Mark Ronson – Somebody To Love Me

Mark Ronson – Somebody To Love Me (Holy Ghost Remix)