Warpaint – Undertow

I love how an all-girl group has one of the most bad ass names in indie music. LA based Warpaint recently released their first full length LP, The Fool, and it’s one worth checking out. I’ve been sitting on the album for a while now but Steph and I were talking about it yesterday and I just felt compelled to post something. Undertow is the lead single from the album and everything about it from the poetic lyrics to the sultry singing justifies it’s status ten times over…

What’s the matter? You hurt yourself?
Opened your eyes and there was someone else?
Now i’ve got you in the undertow.
Now i’ve got you in the undertow.
Why you wanna blame me for your troubles?
Ah ah ah you better learn your lesson yourself.
Nobody ever has to find out what’s in my mind tonight.”

It’s impossible to write about this song while listening to it. There’s so much to the lyrics and the way the girls sing their harmonies makes you want to go to la la land the second you press play….

Let tonight pass us by.
Do you really want to be the one to fight?
And i said “You’re better not to light that fire.
It will take you to the darkest part of the weather.”

The lyrics are very passive aggressive and if you’ve ever had an argument with a girl you’ll know exactly how real they are. In this instance the girl want’s to make things good on the surface but still she can’t deny the underlying troubles that wont go away. I personally have no interest in having anyone in an undertow, in my opinion that’s how people get hurt. I don’t know how some do it but I’ve never been to good at being one thing on the surface and thinking something different in my mind. You waste so much time when you don’t tell it like it is. You hide when your running from something or scared but what’s worth being scared of in this life? Nothing. Anyways, the sly lyrics only add to greatness of this track, enjoy.

Warpaint – Undertow