Philippe Zdar – Dreamerica (Tom Trago Remix)

I usually watch two things on t.v., Sportcenter on rare occasions and the Jets on Sundays. However, I recently started watching Boardwalk Empire recently and man what a show…

Nucky, all I want is an opportunity.
This is America, kid. Who the fuck is stopping you?”

I wasn’t born in the U.S.A., and let’s just say that the Dominican Republic in the late 80’s wasn’t exactly the land of opportunity. It’s easy to take for granted but with some hard work and dedication anything is possible here. I won’t get into it but my affinity for the red, white and blue runs deep and somehow this show makes me think about it. Anyways, on to today’s song…

One step into a big club right now and you’re bound to hear that extremely silly sounding high pitched Dutch house on blast. I don’t know where I was when that craze started but it seems like after Major Lazer tastefully used it in Pon di Floor the sound exploded. I can’t say I like it much myself, nor do I spin it but to each his own. Tom Trago is a DJ straight from the Amsterdam underground and his style couldn’t be more on the opposite spectrum. Preferring vibe and groove over special effects, he’s one of those DJ’s that will open you up to that underground world of good House music. Unfortunately, the song I’m posting today has nothing to do with house but if you want to hear what I’m talking about check out B.R.U.C.E. – The Wallet (Tom Trago Soul Jack Remix), can you say the 90’s are coming back? Today’s song is just a great remix of a Philippe Zdar song that I’ve been listening to  a lot and it has that same groove and vibe infused production. You won’t find this remix too many places so I had to share it, enjoy.

Philippe Zdar – Dreamerica (Tom Trago Remix)