Jacques Renault – Norman’s Fire

When it comes to nu-disco, Jaques Renault has been there and done that. I remember first catching one of his sets at the Tribeca Grand and having one of those life’s greatest moments experiences because of the music. The Brooklyn resident has been in full effect for the last five years and never ceases provide that good good.

Don’t you know what’s going down? People going up to get down…”

If you’re not familiar, check out a very impressive discography of edits, remixes and his side collaborative project Runway, it’s quite fresh.  I don’t want to say much because this track simply needs to played. This is some real Space Age Bachelor Pad big boss music which I dedicate this to everyone living the fast NYC life. So take a moment during your lunch break, sit down, press play, stop doing whatever cosmically insignificant thing your deem important for 5 minutes and put things in perspective.

Jacques Renault – Norman’s Fire

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