Trinity FM – S.O.S. (The Sounds Of Silence)

Excuse the lack of posts lately, I’ve been in Mexico since the 26th and it’s been hard to sit down in front of a comp. On top of that, EMPT locked in one of the hottest restaurants in the big apple before I left so I’ve been working non stop trying to finish their music before the new year. I can’t announce it yet due to the overwhelming amount of haters and squares trying to stop the revolution but stay tuned…

Now everybody keep your eyes on the prize cause the ride get tricky
See you got some ni&^@s on your side
That say they’re your friends
But in real life they your enemies
And then you got some mutha-fuckas that say they your enemies
But in real life they eyes is on your money
See the enemies will say they true
But in real life those ni&^@s will be the snitches
Its a dirty game y’all
Y’all got ta be careful about who you fuck with and who you don’t fuck with
Cause the shit get wild y’all
Keep your mind on your riches, Baby
Keep your mind on your riches – 2Pac (Heartz of Men)

I’m really enjoying the hater free Mexican weather at the moment and I’m late for dinner as I write this but I wanted to post one of the songs that’s going to make the cut for this restaurant. The song is Trinity FM’s Remix of Simon and Garfunkles Sound of Silence, one of my favorite songs of all time. I’d really like to stay and chat but there’s just no time. Congratulations to all the cats that won the Nights In Cuba CD’s, those should be getting to you very soon. I’ll try to check in tomorrow with some new music, enjoy.

Trinity FM – S.O.S. (The Sounds Of Silence)

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