LCD Soundsystem – Pow Pow

All my friends are starting to be so defined and refined. Everyone’s one way or the other, they’ll never do this, they’ll always do that blah blah blah. The Stones’ Mother’s Little Helper has one of the best intro’s I’ve ever heard and it perfect;y explains how I feel about these grown ups – “what a drag it is getting old…” The other song that says it all is LCD Soundsystem’s Pow Pow. Every now and then I like to post a song and just let the lyrics do the talking, this is one of them…

And it goes pow, pow…

From this position I can see both of them
From this position I totally get how the decision was reached
From this position I can say “serious” or “cop-out” or “hard to define”
From this position, from this position
It’s kind of like eating myself to death

You on the outside , Me on the inside
There’s advantage to both
And me being uptight and you being all right
There’s advantages to each

From this perspective, from this position, I have a good grip on both of them
Because I have stayed home and have learned a little more about my neighbourhood, which is important
You know, there’s a lot of good places to eat

So it goes pow, pow…

With you on the keystroke and me in the gang blank
There’s advantages to both
And you have been all right and I have been filmed being ridiculous
Oh, eat it, Michael Musto you’re no Bruce Valance
I have been untied and you are all cross-eyed
There’s advantages to each
And I’m coming back, coming back, coming back
Until there’s nothing left in the well
Is that what they call it, the well?

I’m paralyzed and looking through you
But if nothing’s right, we try anyway
As we compromised an arrogant person
I’m amazed at my decision to blame

On this occasion, there are a couple of things that we know that we learned from fact magazine
One, the king wears a king hat and lives in a king house
Two, your time will come, but tonight is our night, so you should give us all of your drugs
Three, we have a black president and you do not, so shut up,
because you don’t know shit about where I’m from that you didn’t get from your TV

So times have been tough, and times have been tough
You have been put down, washed up, erased out
But honestly, and be honest with yourself, how much time do you waste?
How much time do you blow every day?

So pow, pow… The return of the police!

With you on the inside, me on the outside
There’s advantages to both
With me being wired, and you being tired
There’s advantages to each

From this position, I feel affinity for the both of them, which is confusing
But honestly, I should be careful because otherwise, I’m being, I’m being, you know, what’s it called?
Oh, fuck it
Reclining, I’m getting used to it
Like kissing under a bridge
It’s an entirely new discovery…

A couple of weeks at home
And then a couple of weeks away
And then home and away, again
To use up your desire for discovery…

For an instant, you could have pushed through
But it’s a plagiarized regret anyway
But what you want for now is someone to feel you
And that’s the thing you like, is planning to stay

The return of the police!

LCD Soundsystem – Pow Pow

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