MNDR – Cut Me Out

I was up till 6 am last night working on the music for a restaurant and at some point in the night I got an email about this new MNDR song and it goes a little something like this…

Green Label Sound today release their latest single “Cut Me Out” by electronic-pop songstress MNDR a.k.a. Amanda Warner and co-producer/co-writer Peter Wade. Starting tomorrow, MNDR will join Chromeo on the road for a coast-to-coast North American tour presented by Green Label Sound.

MNDR’s music has been infiltrating the web since early 2010 and already garnered fans at NY Times, The FADER, Pitchfork, Interview and Nylon among others, but Warner and Wade first came together one year ago when Warner moved to New York from Oakland, CA. Warner’s melodic sense and underground noise/art influences coupled with Wade’s interest in merging non-traditional sounds with polished songs has proven to be a perfect marriage of minds. In less than six months, MNDR has toured the world opening for acts including Miike Snow, and Massive Attack. MNDR continues to be a band member with Mark Ronson and The Business INTL.

I’m not exactly sure whose the A&R over there at Green Label but it seems like they make a lot of effort into selections because whenever they drop a record it’s usually worth the listen. I’ve been following MDNR for a while but I really became a fan when I heard I Go Away, the rebel anthem about following your heart and staying away from all that is dull and lifeless…

And when the air is clear
The way I go is the way I feel.
I’ll go away, I’ll go away, I’ll go my own way…

Then she was featured on Mark Ronsons underground smash Bang Bang Bang and she officially became one of my favorite new acts. Amanda has an amazing voice and a flawless delivery to go along with it. Her production is usually too overpowering but this new track does a good job of banging without masking the charm of her voice. Alright, I continue to be sleepless in New York and theres a million things to do so peace out homies, enjoy.

MNDR – Cut Me Out

MNDR – I Go Away

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