Tanlines – Real Life (Memory Tapes Remix)

The weather in New York City is absolutely horrid. It’s dark, cold, wet and plain ol’ dull. Desperate times like this call for a serious musical escapes which is why I’m posting the Memory Tapes tropically infused remix of Tanlines’ Real Life. Memory Tapes doesn’t stray too far from the original on this one but the changes he does make perfectly suit the songs heavily percussive sunset mood. As with all good tracks, the instrumental is nothing but a canvas to the lyrics that really give the song it’s meaning…

For a minute I was lost,
I looked out away
For a minute I was lost,
I looked out away.
I was looking for a home,
I was looking for a home.

Dealing with people from the past is tricky because they always have this memory of you that probably has little to nothing to do with the person you are in the present. Don’t get me wrong some people never change and it would be foolish to ever give them a clean slate. There are times however when change is genuine and letting go of the past is the right move. That’s what this song is about, trying to explain to someone that it’s a new beginning and whatever foolishness ruined the past is no longer around.

You might think I’m still that way,
It’s only natural
It was a past life thing,
It was a past life thing-
It wasn’t anything at all.

Alright, looks like I’ll have to keep this on repeat if I wanna battle these dreary conditions, enjoy.

Tanlines – Real Life (Memory Tapes Remix)

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